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Special manufactures furniture for shops
Integrated solutions of excellent quality in your area
WESTAND S.A. belongs to the elite
WESTAND S.A. belongs to the elite of special commercial furniture construction companies. We design and construct stands for the biggest cosmetics companies not only in Greece, but in other countries as well.
Always a pioneer
WESTAND S.A., always a pioneer, follows the developments, the trends and the needs of any modern company facing any challenge as far as designing is concerned.
Our target!
We guarantee best construction quality, modern equipment, selected and proficient personnel, full customer service, consistent deliveries and competitive prices.
Our services
We offer a high level of service
thanks to years of experience of our specialized personnel
The initial action of WESTAND S.A. since the determination of the customer's needs is the identification of the premises where the installation of the construction will take place.
WESTAND S.A. has recruited a designing – creative department of experienced Decorators, Graphic Designers, Structural Engineers, Product and Systems Design Engineers offering integrated solutions meeting even the most demanding customers' wishes.
The designing stage is followed by the construction of the furniture. WESTAND S.A. has recruited technical specialists for the fast and efficient construction of any furniture.
WESTAND S.A. is focusing on supporting the product from the initial stage of the idea until the moment of the delivery to the customer. Therefore we give emphasis to the final stage of services offered including the safe transportation and installation of the products.
The services offered by WESTAND S.A. do not stop with the delivery of the furniture. We continue offering our services throughout the usage of the product as well. No matter where or when, the specialised personnel of our company is willing to face any problem.
Corporate Social Responsibility
In Westand SA, in the context of sustainability and social diligence, we have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility program that promotes and supports with responsibility and sensitivity the optimization of the social and environmental impact of the company's operation.

Our Latest News

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  • Enjoy the environment of our new site that have  just been completed. For serving you better , we tried to help you navigate quickly and easily to our services and get to know most of our projects.
  • Full speed  in our production line for completing the luxurious constructions of new ATTICA  Department Store  which will open really soon in Thessaloniki.
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